D.C. police accused of staging search to conduct stop and frisk outside barbershop

by Sam Ford/ABC7

Monday, June 25th 2018


VIDEO: Crowd clashes with officers in same DC neighborhood where controversial searches took place

By: staff , Melissa Howell

POSTED: JUN 25 2018 11:42PM EDT


UPDATED: JUN 26 2018 12:29AM EDT


DC police chief, mayor defend controversial search of several men outside Northeast DC barber shop

By: Paul Wagner

JUN 25 2018


D.C. police questioned over controversial search for guns

By: Evan Lambert

POSTED: JUN 25 2018 05:55AM EDT


UPDATED: JUN 25 2018 06:31AM EDT


Anthony Lorenzo Green: MPD’s improper searches last week in front of barbershop put stain on ‘community policing’

By Commentary On Jun 25, 2018


D.C. Police Deny They Planted Man With Gun in ‘Stop-And-Frisk’ Incident

Patrick Madden (WAMU)

June 25, 2018


Set Up? Community Leader Want Answers From DC Police on Suspicious Stop (VIDEO)

Sputnick June 27, 2018


DC official says police staged search to conduct stop-and-frisk

By Melissa Howell (WTOP)

June 25, 2018 7:38 am


D.C. leader, ACLU claim video shows police conducting illegal stop-and-frisk in Northeast

POSTED 8:49 PM, JUNE 25, 2018, BY KELLY RULE, (DCW50)

UPDATED AT 08:48AM, JUNE 26, 2018


VIDEO: Improper stop and frisk alleged by DC neighborhood commissioner

Author: Eric Flack (WUSA9)

Published: 12:21 PM EDT June 25, 2018

Updated: 11:31 PM EDT June 25, 2018


 Video shows angry clashes between crowds and DC police officers

Author: Eric Flack (WUSA)

Published: 4:34 PM EDT June 26, 2018

Updated: 11:34 PM EDT June 26, 2018


MPD Chief Peter Newsham Responds to Deanwood Police Search Video (Listen)

JUNE 26, 2018 (WPGC) Joe Clair Show


4 arrested, 3-year-old pepper sprayed in confrontation with D.C. police

by Heather Graf and Sam Ford/ABC7

Wednesday, June 27th 2018


DC Neighborhood Commissioner Demands Answers After Group Of Black Men Targeted In Unjust Stop And Frisk

Why can’t we just live?

Maya J. Bodie (Blavity)

June 26, 2018


Gray Demands Answers for MPD Search of Innocent Bystanders

By Stacey Brown June 27, 2018 (Washington Informer)


Tension continues between DC Police and a Northeast neighborhood

by Sam Ford/ABC7

Friday, June 29th 2018


Roundtable on policing to be held as tensions escalate in Northeast DC

by Heather Graf/ABC7 Friday, July 6th 2018


ACLU asks DC Police not to come to community meeting in Deanwood
by Heather Graf/ABC7 Wednesday, July 11th 2018